Carina Ari in The Moonlight

Carina Ari i Månstrålen (in The Moonlight, aka Rayon de lune), Studio Granere, Paris, 1934. | src Dansmuseet on IG
Carina Ari i Månstrålen (Rayon de lune), 1928, foto: Studio Iris, Paris. | Carina Ari in The Moon Ray (Rayon de lune), 1928, photo: Studio Iris, Paris. | src dansmuseet on IG
Balletttänzerin Carina Ari (*), late1920s -early 1930s | src Nordicphotos on eBay
(*) Maria Karina Viktoria Jansson (Stockholm, 1897 – Buenos Aires, 1970)

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