Jenny Hasselqvist, Dying Swan

Henry B. Goodwin :: Jenny Hasselqvist, The Dying Swan. From a series of photos of Hasselquist taken between 1916 and 1918. The Goodwin Collection, The Royal Swedish Library. | src Karen Vedel: The Performance of Pictorialist Dance Photography
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Torso, Ella Illbak, Etnisk dansare

Henry B. Goodwin :: Torso, Ella Illbak, Etnisk dansare. | src

Primavera und Beatrice Mariagraëte, 1917

Henry Buergel Goodwin :: Primavera und Beatrice Mariagraëte, 1917. Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration. Nº 49, 1919. | src Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg | alternative rendition

Untitled by Henry Goodwin

Henry B. Goodwin :: Titel saknas (untitled), n.d. | src Moderna Museet