Cyanotypes of Algae, 1843

‘Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions’ by Anna Atkins (1799-1871) Part 1 of Fox Talbot’s own copy, sewn in original blue wrapper. Atkins published a collection of cyanotype photograms of algae, in installments over ten years from 1843 to 1853. | src Science and Media Museum

Drawing photogram, 1920s

Rosa Rolanda :: Drawing Photogram, late1920s. Nude figure of a young woman covered by an inverted glass, which becomes her garment. The translucent glass allows the curves of her figure to be seen, but it still provides a modest covering. The shape of the glass is reminiscent of dress styles of the mid-1800s, with a wide hooped skirt and narrow waistline. Rosa Rolanda painted self-portraits from 1945 and 1952 depict the same somber persona. The simple style of her features is similar to those found on folkloric images of the sun reproduced in ceramics, wood, and textiles. Here, crowned by the sun, she is surrounded by shells, a deer, and a ruler. | src Surrealism and Women Artists