Payne in Confetti (Nelson revue)

Nina Payne (holding a mask) in costume for the Nelson revue “Confetti”, by Studio Manassé (1910s) | src
Nina Payne In costume for the Nelson revue “Confetti”, by Hill, ca. 1916 | src HZG
Dancer Nina Payne with a dance mask in the Nelson revue “Confetti”, Nelson Theater Berlin, 1925. Photo: Atelier Binder 1925 (Photo by Atelier Binder) | src Getty Images
Tänzerin Nina Payne (USA) in einer interessanten Tanzmaske in der Nelson-Revue “Confetti”, Nelson Theater Berlinerschienen Nr. 42/1925. Foto: Atelier Binder | src Getty Images

Frances Starr in ‘chic fashions’

Ira L. Hill :: Frances Strarr introducing chic fashions for «The Programme of Fashion» by Pauline Morgan. Published in Theatre Magazine, October 1921 issue. | src

Ekaterina Galanta, 1917

Ira L. Hill’s studio (NYC) :: Russian ballet dancer Ekaterina Galanta, 1917. | src University of Washington Libraries | hi-res here