Thelma Morgan Converse, 1924

Thelma Converse, also Thelma Furness, Viscountess Furness (born Thelma Morgan, 1904 – 1970). Photoplay magazine, June 1924. | src internet archive
Mrs. Thelma Morgan Converse (written on verso). Headshot portrait. | src eBay

Sally Long by A.C. Johnston

Alfred Cheney Johnston (1884-1971) :: Sally Long in “The Midnight Rounders” at Broadway, 1921. Vintage gelatin silver print. | src Ader
Alfred Cheney Johnston :: Sally Long. Duotone portrait. Published in Photoplay magazine (Jan. 1919). | src internet archive

Carmel Myers, 1923

Nickolas Muray :: Carmel Myers, 1923. Published in Photoplay Magazine, May 1923 issue. Caption reads: ‘It is a matter of screen history that Carmel Myers made her film debut in a tiny role of D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance. Once since she ran away to play in musical comedy. Now, however, she is safely back on the silversheet again.’ | src internet archive