Betty Compson is Tillie de Vamp

Betty Compson as Tillie de Vamp in an Al Christie’s comedy: Hist! At Six O’clock (1916)
“The Vamp Primes Herself with Poison Gas”. Betty Compson as the vampire in Hist! At Six O’clock”. Motion Picture News, December 1916. | src internet archive
Eddie Barry and Betty Compson in a Christie Comedy of the 1913 vintage.
Betty Compson in in a Christy diversion entitled “Hist at Six o’clock”. December, 1919 issue of Photoplay magazine

Thelma Morgan Converse, 1924

Thelma Converse, also Thelma Furness, Viscountess Furness (born Thelma Morgan, 1904 – 1970). Photoplay magazine, June 1924. | src internet archive
Mrs. Thelma Morgan Converse (written on verso). Headshot portrait. | src eBay

Sally Long by A.C. Johnston

Alfred Cheney Johnston (1884-1971) :: Sally Long in “The Midnight Rounders” at Broadway, 1921. Vintage gelatin silver print. | src Ader
Alfred Cheney Johnston :: Sally Long. Duotone portrait. Published in Photoplay magazine (Jan. 1919). | src internet archive

Nazimova interview, 1926

Nazimova interviewed by Adela Rogers St. Johns for Photoplay magazine, October 1926. | src internet archive

“I did ‘Salome’ as a purgative”, declares Nazimova. “The trash I had played made me sick with myself. I wanted something so different, so fanciful, so artistic, that it would take the taste out of my mouth”. Costume designs for Salome were Natacha Rambova’s (including the iconic wig).

Carmel Myers, 1923

Nickolas Muray :: Carmel Myers, 1923. Published in Photoplay Magazine, May 1923 issue. Caption reads: ‘It is a matter of screen history that Carmel Myers made her film debut in a tiny role of D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance. Once since she ran away to play in musical comedy. Now, however, she is safely back on the silversheet again.’ | src internet archive