Mila Cirul, Rustic Dance, 1925

Atelier K. Kolliner (Wien) :: Mira Cirul (sic) in Rustic Dance, 1925. Music by N. Medtner and costumes by G. Kirsta. Artist’s original print. Collection of Pavel Khoroshilov, Moscow. Second “Art of Movement” exhibition, 1926. | src Nicoletta Misler

Rosalia Chladek, 1928

Atelier Kolliner (Wien) :: R. Chladek dancing the Präludium from A. Corelli’s Klagelied at the Hellerau-Laxenburg School. Stamped on the photograph: “Atelier Kolliner Wien”. Catalogue of the fourth “Art of Movement” exhibition, 1928, within Nos. 451-452 or 522-23. Collection of Pavel Khoroshilov, Moscow. | source Nicoletta Misler’s The Russian Art of Movement