Triangles, 1946

Ruth Bernhard (1905–2006) :: ‘Triangles’, 1946. Gelatin silver print, printed in the 1970s. Signed by the photographer in pencil on the mount lower right, signed and titled by her in pencil on the reverse. Provenance: Peter Fetterman Gallery, | src 16th Ostlicht (WestLicht) Photo Auction

Untitled (female nudes), n.d.

Moise Benkow (Sverige, 1892 – 1952) :: Titel saknas (No Title), u.å. | src Modernamuseet

Tänzerpaar Zammet und Grube, 1928

Arthur Benda :: Zammet und Grube, Tänzerpaar bei einer Tanzstudie veröffentlicht im UHU 7/1928. Fotografie: d’Ora (Dora Kallmus) ~ Arthur Benda | Zammet and Grube, dance couple in a dance study published in UHU 7/1928. | src Getty Images

Nude with Cat, ca. 1903

Edward J. Steichen :: Nude with Cat, ca. 1903. Halftone plate nº 3. Published in Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly No. 2 (1903-04). | src Brown University Library
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Nude Study, ca. 1903

Edward Steichen :: Étude de nu, ca. 1903. Photogravure. Published in L’Épreuve Photographique: Deuxième Série: 1905. Printer: Charles Whittmann. This nude study by Steichen is better known as Nude with Cat, and was published as a halftone plate in Camera Work II in 1903. This variant version shows more of the original background to the photograph, including what appears to be a tree branch silhouetted behind the model. | src Photoseed