The Tatler, February 1922

White Studio :: Hasoutra dancing orientally in “The Perfect Fool”. The Tatler, February 1922. | src internet archive
Dainty Dancers on Stage and Screen: Ula Sharon, Ernestine Myers and Dorothy Valerga. The Tatler, February 1922. | src internet archive
Vivienne Segal in “Little Miss Raffles”. The Tatler, February 1922. | src internet archive

Arabesque, 1925

White Studio :: Bela Lugosi and Hortense Alden in Arabesque, 1925. Reverse displays photo credit ink stamp and a descriptive caption label: Hortense Alden (the Bedouin) and Bela Lugosi (the Sheik), whom she lures to his destruction in “Arabesque”, a modern comedy of manners at the National Theatre. | src Heritage Auctions

Vera Duby by White, 1920

White Studio :: Vera Ruby dans un costume d’Afgar, Novembre 1920. | src diktats
White Studio :: Portrait de Vera Ruby dans un costume dessiné par Paul Poiret pour la pièce Afgar. Cette pièce a été présentée à New-York au Central Theatre en novembre 1920. | Portrait of Vera Ruby in a costume designed by Paul Poiret for the play Afgar. The play was presented in New York at the Central Theater in November 1920.| src diktats

Lubovska as Cleopatra, 1915

White Studio (NY) :: Portrait of ‘Russian’ dancer Désirée Lubowska [aka Mme Lubowska or Lubovska], full-length portrait, standing, right profile, in Cleopatra costume, 1915. (Désirée Lubovska was not actually Russian. It was the stage name of American born dancer Winniefred Foote). | src Les sources d’une île