Lilliput juxtapositions, 1940

(top) ‘Lilliput’ comparison (26) from ‘Pocket Omnibus’ (July 1940)
(middle) ‘Lilliput’ comparison (25) from ‘Pocket Omnibus’ (June 1940)
(bottom) ‘Lilliput’ comparison (27) from ‘Pocket Omnibus’ (July 1940)
Lilliput, a magazine by Stefan Lorant | src Flickr

Lilliput comparisons, 1940-47

(top) Ladies of Fashion, ‘Lilliput’ comparison from August 1940 issue and (bottom) ‘Dancers’, from March 1947 issue.
Lilliput Pocket Omnibus, a magazine by Stefan Lorant. | src Flickr

Dangers, Lilliput, Aug. 1941

Lilliput comparison from August 1941 issue. Lilliput Pocket Omnibus (aka Lilliput: The Pocket Magazine for Everyone) which was a pocket-sized monthly magazine produced by Stefan Lorant, Hungarian photojournalist, author, and filmmaker who had served time in a Nazi prison. The magazine was known for Lorant’s juxtapositions of images for political or aesthetic effects. | source Flickr

Clotide von Derp, 1922

Gilbert René :: Original Pressefoto (World Wide Photo) Clotilde Sakharoff. Clotide von Derp. Stempel von Gilbert René 350 Rue St. Honoré, Paris, auf der Rückseite. Pressetext: “Mme Sakharoff, wife of the famous dancer Sakharoff, who caused a sensation in European social circles by her remarkable dancing. She is the daughter of Von Tirpitz, the former German submarine & Navy chief.” 2/22/22. | src Abebooks

La Roshanowa, Berlin, ca. 1910

Charles Trampus :: La Roshanowa, célèbre danseuse Hindoue (sic), Berlin, vers 1910. ©Charles Trampus (caption and credits on photograph verso). | src eBay

Forward into Light, 1924

A group of ritualists from the ‘Forward into Light’ pageant which will close the ‘Women for Congress’ conference of the National Woman’s Party at Westport-on-Lake-Champlain, New York, August 15-16-17, 1924. | src Library of Congress – Records of the National Woman’s Party