Boris Pasternak and Korney Chukovsky, 1934

Boris Ignatovich :: Boris Pasternak and Korney Chukovsky, Moscow, 1934. Gelatin silver print mounted on board.| src Nailya Alexander Gallery
“The writers Boris Pasternak and Korney Chukovsky attend the First Inaugural Soviet Writer’s Congress. Established two years prior, the Writer’s Union abolished all independent literary organizations in the USSR. It also granted the two writers neighboring homes in the town of Peredelniko where Pasternak wrote Doctor Zhivago.” quoted from source

With a Board, 1929

Boris Ignatovich :: With a Board, 1929. Gelatin silver print mounted on board. Title and date in pencil in Russian on verso. | src Nailya Alexander Gallery
“A worker skillfully balances on lumber while carrying another piece of wood over his shoulder. Leading avant-garde artist El Lissitzky incorporated ‘With a Board‘ into his preliminary designs for the 1929 series of books entitled Neus Bauen in Der Welt that represented the architectural fantasies of America, France and Russia.” quoted from source.

At the Hermitage,1930

Boris Ignatovich :: Near the Hermitage, [aka At the Hermitage], St. Petersburg | Leningrad, Russia (USSR), 1930 / source: Lumière Gallery
At the Hermitage is perhaps Ignatovich’s most iconic photograph, and demonstrates an exceptionally bold and complex spatial composition. The pictured foot is part ofa 5 meter tall atlas figure by artist Alexander Terebenev at the New Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. The atlas’s toes however appear truly titanic in comparison to the figures passing by, an illusion Ignatovich created by experimenting with perspective. Ignatovich further demonstrates his mastery of 3-dimensional space by including The Hermitage and St. Isaac’s in the same frame as the big foot. ” quoted from nailya alexander gallery | more [+] by this photographer