Actress Valeska Suratt, ca. 1916

Underwood & Underwood :: Waist-up publicity still of Valeska Suratt wearing a jeweled headdress, ca. 1916. A stamp on the back of the print reads: ‘William Fox presents Valeska Suratt in photo plays supreme released through Fox Film Corp. | src Wisconsin Historical Society

Désirée Lubovska, 1915

Underwood & Underwood :: Portrait of ‘Russian’ dancer Désirée Lubowska [aka Mme Lubowska or Lubovska], full-length portrait, standing, left profile, in Cleopatra costume, 9 September 1915. (Désirée Lubovska was not actually Russian. It was the stage name of American born dancer Winniefred Foote). | src Library of Congress

Woman standing on cliff, 1902

Underwood & Underwood :: Original title: Nearly a mile straight down and only a step–from Glacier Point (N.W.) across valley to Yosemite Falls, Yosemite, Cal. [Description: Woman standing on cliff overlooking deep valley.]. Underwood & Underwood, publishers, New York, ca. 1902. Digital file from original photo, half stereo. Photographic print on stereo card : stereograph. | src Library of Congress

Kyaitteyo Pagoda. Underwood Travel Library, ca. 1900

Underwood & Underwood :: Kyaitteyo Pagoda, miraculously balanced by a hair of Buddha, on Kelasa hills, near Kyaikto in Mon State, Burma (Myanmar), ca. 1900.
Stereoscopic pair of photographs [50 (9059)] from a collection of 36 stereoscopic views of Burma, one of a series of “stereoscopic tours” of foreign countries published as part of the Underwood Travel Library. This is a general view of the “Golden Rock” pagoda, a stupa built on top of a massive boulder resting precariously on a hillside 20 km (12 miles) away from Kyaikto. | src British Library