Orientalische Tänzerin, 1920

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime “Orientalische Tänzerin” (Oriental Dancer), plate # 18, 1920. | src 1st dibs

Maskerade (Lo Hesse)

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Maskerade’ (Lo Hesse), plate # 9, ca. 1920. | src 1st dibs

Carmen Tortola Valencia, 1912

Walter Schnackenberg :: The dancer Carmen Tortola Valencia, 1912. Watercolour, brush and India ink and opaque white over pencil on paper. | src Grisebach Autumn Auctions 2020

Tschaikiun, Lo Hesse

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Tschaikiun’ I, print # 3 (Lo Hesse), 1920. | src 1st dibs
Walter Schnackenberg :: ‘Tschaikiun’ II, plate # 17 (Lo Hesse), ca. 1920. | src Colletti Gallery

‘Primula Vera’ (Lo Hesse), 1920

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Primula Vera’ (Lo Hesse), plate # 7, 1920. | src 1st dibs “Schnackenberg was a regular contributor to the German magazines Jugend and Simplicissimus before devoting himself to the design of stage scenery and costumes. In the artist’s theatrical work, his mastery of form, ornamentation, and Orientalism became increasingly evident. He excelled at combining fluid Art Nouveau outlines, with spiky Expressionist passages, and the postures and patterns of the mysterious East.” (quoted from source)

Lo Hesse, Rollenporträt

Franz Xaver Setzer :: Dancer Lo Hesse, Rollenporträt | Role portrait, undated. (Primula Vera) | src Theatermuseum Wien
German dancer and model Lo Hesse was the muse of German Avant Garde designer Walter Schnackenberg in the 1910s. She was known for her extravagantly costumed performances with famed dancer Joachim von Seewitz.

Lo Hesse as Ahnfrau

Franz Xaver Setzer :: Dancer Lo Hesse as ‘Ahnfrau’ (Ancestress) in a costume designed by Walter Schnackenberg, 1924. Photo © Archiv Setzer-Tschiedel | src Getty Images | related post: here

Anita Berber as Bingha

Alexander Binder :: Anita Berber as Bingha, costume designed by Walter Schnackenberg, 1922. Schnackenberg was known as the “Toulouse-Lautrec of Germany”. | src 50 watts 

Lo Hesse in Tschaikiun, 1921

Franz Xaver Setzer :: German dancer Lo Hesse in a Chinese pantomime [Tschaikiun] and wearing a mask, Vienna, 1921. Costume design by Walter Schnackenberg. | src Imagno · Getty Images
Atelier Setzer, Wien (1909 – 1939 Atelier) :: Lo Hesse. Rollenpörtrat. Fotopapier auf Karton. | src Theatermuseum Wien

Lo Hesse by Hanns Holdt

Hanns Holdt :: German dancer Lo Hesse. German postcard by Verlag Hans Dursthoff, Berlin, nº 1151. Collection Didier Hanson.
«Lo Hesse was active in Munich and Berlin between 1916 and 1920. Her dances relied heavily on extravagantly exotic costumes designed mostly by the German expressionist artist Walter Schnackenberg.»