by Edward Thayer Monroe

Edward Thayer Monroe :: Irene Castle (?), a sensational dancer in the flapper era. | src
Edward Thayer Monroe :: Flapper era dancer and fashion icon Irene Castle (?). | src

Note: on source, this is allegedly a portrait or fashion shot of Irene Caste (b. Irene Foote); in other sources, this image is credited as Irene Vernon’s. We will welcome further information on this image or on this sitter. Thank you!

Louise Brooks by E.T. Monroe, 1926

Edward Thayer Monroe :: Louise Brooks, published in Picture-Play Magazine, April 1926 issue. Caption reads: Louise Brooks recently snatched from the “Follies” by Paramount, starts as a beautiful manicure girl and rises to musical-comedy fame in Adolphe Menjou’s “A Social Celebrity”. | src internet archives