Orientalische Tänzerin, 1920

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime “Orientalische Tänzerin” (Oriental Dancer), plate # 18, 1920. | src 1st dibs

Maskerade (Lo Hesse)

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Maskerade’ (Lo Hesse), plate # 9, ca. 1920. | src 1st dibs

Carmen Tortola Valencia, 1912

Walter Schnackenberg :: The dancer Carmen Tortola Valencia, 1912. Watercolour, brush and India ink and opaque white over pencil on paper. | src Grisebach Autumn Auctions 2020

Tschaikiun, Lo Hesse

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Tschaikiun’ I, print # 3 (Lo Hesse), 1920. | src 1st dibs
Walter Schnackenberg :: ‘Tschaikiun’ II, plate # 17 (Lo Hesse), ca. 1920. | src Colletti Gallery

‘Primula Vera’ (Lo Hesse), 1920

Walter Schnackenberg :: Ballet und Pantomime ‘Primula Vera’ (Lo Hesse), plate # 7, 1920. | src 1st dibs “Schnackenberg was a regular contributor to the German magazines Jugend and Simplicissimus before devoting himself to the design of stage scenery and costumes. In the artist’s theatrical work, his mastery of form, ornamentation, and Orientalism became increasingly evident. He excelled at combining fluid Art Nouveau outlines, with spiky Expressionist passages, and the postures and patterns of the mysterious East.” (quoted from source)

Kasjan’s ballet, 1920-1925

Kassian Golejzovsky, Kasjan’s ballet. Poster, first half of the 1920s. Pencil, collage, white lead on plywood. [K. Golejzovskij, Il balletto di Kasjan K. Golejzovskij, manifesto, metà anni venti. Matita, collage, biacca su compensato]. | src Nicoletta Misler: L’Arte del Movimento in Russia 1920-1930

Tanz : Foto (1990-1991)

Poster from the exhibition: Tanz : Foto at Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts. Dec. 1990 – Jan. 1991. (Ph. František Drtikol) | src MutualArt

Vlna – Wave (1926) by Drtikol

František Drtikol :: Vlna (Wave), 1926 | src Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze
František Drtikol (1883-1961) :: Vlna (Wave), 1925. One of ten versions of this picture kept at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Photographer František Drtikol / Works from 1903 – 1935, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, December 1972 – February 1973
Fotograf František Drtikol / Tvorba z let 1903 – 1935, Uměleckoprůmyslové Muzeum, Praha, Prosinec 1972 – Únor 1973
poster design: Unknown Artist, 1972 | src Jozef Square
From: Exhibition catalogue: “Frantisek Drtikol Works between 1903 and 1930” at the UMPRUM Museum Prague December 1972 – February 1973. | src Abebooks