Dancer in an Egyptian costume

Sasha ~ Alexander Stewart :: A dancer dressed in an ancient Egyptian costume and helmet during Lady Newnes Historical Egyptian Matinée at London’s Hippodrome, 29th May 1930. (Hulton Archive) | src Getty Images

Elizabeth Delmore by Sasha

Sasha :: Elizabeth Delmore, in a costume full of eastern promise including turban, prepares to play one of the Court Ladies in a production of Omar Khayyam’s poem The Persian Garden, 30th June 1936. (Photo by Sasha / Alexander Stewart) | src Getty Images

Microbe Monster, 1932

Sasha (Alexander Stewart) :: English actor Ernest Thesiger (1879 – 1961) in his role as the microbe monster in the play ‘Too True to Be Good’ by George Bernard Shaw, 18th July 1932. | src Hulton Archive – Getty Images

Cochran Freaks, 1930

Sasha (Alexander Stewart) :: Serge Lifar and Alice Nikitina in a scene from the ‘Freak Ballet’ choreographed by George Balanchine, and shown in the Cochran Revue, at the London Pavilion Theatre, April 1930. | src Hulton Archive – Getty Images

Anna Ludmilla, 19 · III · 1930

Sasha – Alexander Stewart :: Ballet dancer Anna Ludmilla and dance partner performing, 19 March 1930. | src Getty Images