Background sketch for Dårhuset

Nils Dardels fondskiss till Dårhuset av Svenska Baletten, 1920, foto: Torkel Edenborg. | Nils Dardel’s background sketch for Madhouse by the Swedish Ballet, 1920, photo: Torkel Edenborg. • src Dansmuseet’s IG
Dårhuset av Svenska Baletten, ca. 1920 | Madhouse by the Swedish Ballet, ca. 1920
“Om ni inte gillar det kan ni dra åt helvete” | “If you do not like it, you can go to hell” – Ballets Suédois 1920–1925 • src Dansmuseet

Carina Ari with two dancers, 1921

Dancer Carina Ari with two colleagues from the Swedish Ballet in the spring sun in front of (or actually under) four of the Swedish Ballet’s huge posters. The photo was probably taken during the company’s first tour in Spain in 1921. In the background are several of the Swedish Ballet’s color posters, drawn by Pierre Mourgue, Orsi and Eldsten. • src Dansmuseet’s Instagram
Various posters for the Svenska Baletten (Ballets Suédois), ca. 1920. | src Dansmuseet