Carina Ari with two dancers, 1921

Dancer Carina Ari with two colleagues from the Swedish Ballet in the spring sun in front of (or actually under) four of the Swedish Ballet’s huge posters. The photo was probably taken during the company’s first tour in Spain in 1921. In the background are several of the Swedish Ballet’s color posters, drawn by Pierre Mourgue, Orsi and Eldsten. • src Dansmuseet’s Instagram
Various posters for the Svenska Baletten (Ballets Suédois), ca. 1920. | src Dansmuseet

Carina Ari in The Moonlight

Carina Ari i Månstrålen (in The Moonlight, aka Rayon de lune), Studio Granere, Paris, 1934. | src Dansmuseet on IG
Carina Ari i Månstrålen (Rayon de lune), 1928, foto: Studio Iris, Paris. | Carina Ari in The Moon Ray (Rayon de lune), 1928, photo: Studio Iris, Paris. | src dansmuseet on IG
Balletttänzerin Carina Ari (*), late1920s -early 1930s | src Nordicphotos on eBay
(*) Maria Karina Viktoria Jansson (Stockholm, 1897 – Buenos Aires, 1970)

De fåvitska jungfrurna, 1962

Enar Merkel Rydberg :: Carina Ari som koreograf instruerar dansarna under arbetet med “De fåvitska jungfrurna” på Operan 1962. | Carina Ari as choreographer instructs the dancers during the rehearsal of Les Vierges Folles in 1962. | src Dansmuseet
Anna Riwkin :: Carina Ari (seen from behind in reflected on the back mirror), no date (1960s). Title “Carina Ari” and “517” on verso. | src Moderna Museet

Carina Ari in Degas, 1925

G. et L. Manuel Frères :: Carina Ari i Degas, Paris, 1925. | src Dansmuseet • IG
G. et L. Manuel Frères :: Carina Ari i Degas, Paris, 1925. | src Dansmuseet on IG

Carina Ari as Sulamit, 1938

Ballet dancer Carina Ari as “Sulamit” in “Le Cantique des Cantiques”, 1938. | src eBay and Carina Ari

Swedish dancer Carina Ari

Carina Ari – från Smala Gränd till Buenos Aires. Hennes liv var som en saga. Ny utställning öppnar den 1 juni. | Carina Ari – from Smala Gränd to Buenos Aires. Her life was like a fairy tale. New exhibition opens on June 1. | src Dansmuseet on FB
Carina Ari i Anitras dans 1922. Publiken hyllade henne så mycket för numret att Jean Börlin blev sotis. | Carina Ari in Anitra’s dance in 1922. The audience praised her so much for the number that Jean Börlin grew jealous. | src Dansmuseet on FB
Carina Ari. Den här bilden är från Cantique des Cantiques, 1938. | This picture is from The Song of Songs, 1938. | src Dansmuseet on FB