Girls in Kimono (1908-1912)

Etheldreda Janet Laing (1872-1960) :: Girl in a Kimono, 1908. An Autochrome portrait of the photographer’s eldest daughter (Janet) dressed in a pink kimono. The design of the kimono is mirrored by the flower arrangement beside her. Japanese style and art became increasingly popular in England at the turn of the twentieth century. | src Getty Images
Girl in a Kimono, ca. 1908. An autochrome portrait of Janet Laing dressed in a pink kimono, taken by Etheldreda Janet Laing. | Getty Images
Etheldreda Janet Laing :: Two girls in oriental costume, ca. 1908. An Autochrome of the photographer’s daughters dressed in Japanese-style outfits. They both have flowers in their hair, which is typical in the geisha ‘Shimada’ fashion. | Getty Images
Autochrome photograph by Etheldreda Janet Laing. Image shows Laing’s daughter Janet in Oriental dress. Taken circa 1912. | src Science and Media Museum

Although these Autochromes are dated in Getty Images 1908 (or ca. 1908), the original source: the National Science and Media Museum date them around 1912.

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