Abeceda by Karel Teige (1926)

A page for Abeceda [The Alphabet], 1926
Poetry by Vitezslav Nezval (Czech, 1900–1958)
Design, typography, and photomontage by Karel Teige (Czech, 1900–1951)
Choreography by Milča Mayerová (Czech, 1901–1977)
src Listování. Moderní knižní kultura ze sbírek Muzea umění Olomouc | Západočeská galerie v Plzni
O page for Abeceda [The Alphabet], 1926

« In Nezval’s Abeceda, a cycle of rhymes based on the shapes of letters, I tried to create a ‹ typofoto › of a purely abstract and poetic nature, setting into graphic poetry what Nezval set into verbal poetry in his verse, both being poems evoking the magic signs of the alphabet. » –Karel Teige, quoted from Abeceda – Index Grafik

H page for Abeceda [The Alphabet], 1926

In 1926 the Czech dancer Milca Mayerová choreographed the alphabet as a photo-ballet. Each move in the dance is made to the visual counterpoint of Karel Teige’s typographic music. Teige was a constructivist and a surrealist, a poet, collagist, photographer, typographer and architectural theorist, and his 1926 photomontage designs for the alphabet are a uniquely elegant and witty invention, and one of the enduring masterpieces of Czech modernism. –Quoted from The Guardian

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