The Shadow of the Sand, 1935

Forman Hanna :: Nude study titled ‘The Shadow of the Sand’, 1935. The Amateur Photographer & Cinematographer. | src eBay
Forman Hanna was internationally known for his pictorial-style photography. His photographs were exhibited nationally and internationally including exhibits in New York, Washington D.C., London, Glasgow and Paris. Raised in a small Texas town, Hanna had his first encounters with photography and most of his art training through camera-club magazines. Emulating the Pictorialist style, he used his western surroundings as subject matter.
While working as a pharmacist in Globe, Arizona, Hanna made frequent trips to nearby canyons and Pueblo villages to photograph what the believed was a lost way of life. Recognized for his Arizona landscapes, he often exhibited in the juried shows of camera clubs.  Hanna’s choice of subject matter reflected his lifelong residence in Arizona. He frequently turned his camera on the Native Americans of the Southwest, idealizing the lifestyle of the Apache, Navajo, and Hopi tribes. He was also accomplished at picturing female nudes, which he classically posed in the area’s natural surrounding [quoted from source]

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