Olga Irén Fröhlich, ca. 1925-1935

Olga Irén Fröhlich. Studio photo, headshot of Olga Irén Fröhlich in frontal view, with both hands on her ears. She is heavily made up with dark lipstick and eye mascara. Handwritten in blue ink: “He[.]y Peter.”, ca. 1925 bis 1935. | src Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Studio photo, half-length portrait of Olga Irén Fröhlich in profile to the left, her head turned upwards. She is wearing a light blouse with a bow on. Her dark hair is tied back. The photo was probably originally taken by Curt Pfeiffer in Breslau and subsequently reproduced in the Steinberg studio in Berlin. Breslau, Berlin, 12-1932. | src Jüdisches Museum Berlin

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