Lili Madzsar, 1920s

Madzsar Lili tornamutatvány közben, az 1920-as évek elején. Magántulajdon. Digitális példánya az MTA BTK Művészettörténeti Intézetben | Lili Madzsar, daughter of Alice Madzsar, during a gymnastic exercise on the podium in the early 1920s. Private collection. Digital copy at the Institute of Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. | src

In 1926, Madzsar wrote the book New Ways of Women’s Body Culture, which proved extremely popular. The new 1929 edition was expanded with movement art chapters. Madzsar also plays an important role in Hungarian dance history: she created several public movement art performances with the school’s students and other participants, mostly from a working-class background. The image above was published in: Dr. Madzsarné Jászi Alice: A női testkultúra új útjai, 1926

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