Eyes of Youth by Rosalind Maingot

Rosalind Maingot (née Rosalind Beddome, 1894-1957) :: Eyes of Youth, ca. 1945. Halftone print. From: Photograms of the Year 1945. | src eBay
Rosalind Maingot :: Eyes of Youth, ca. 1945. Halftone print. | src eBay
Rosalind Beddome was born 1894 in Brisbane, Australia.  After a successful career as an actress she studied at the London School of Photography and married surgeon Rodney Maingot. The influences of her previous career can be seen in her theatrically posed, expressive photographs of portraits, figure studies and flowers. In 1932 she was made a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and in 1933 had a one woman show at the Camera Club. Her work was published in the Sketch between 1933 and 1946. Later she worked alongside her husband as a medical photographer and helped set up the Royal Photographic Society’s Medical group. In 1947 she went on a lecture tour in America where she socialized with American photographers including Mildred Hatry her account of which was published in the RPS Journal Feb. 1948 “A woman photographer visits America”. She died in 1957 in London. quoted from source

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