Nude by Lucien Waléry, 1920s

Lucien Waléry [aka, Laryew, Yrélaw] :: Untitled female nude [1920s]. Photogravure in Sepia. From a collection of 100 Art Deco nudes by the Parisian photographer Waléry, who also used the anagrams Yrélaw or Laryew. He photographed mostly revue dancers 100 years ago – namely Josephine Baker and Mata Hari. Waléry is often confused with Stanislaw Julian Ignacy Count Ostroróg, maybe because from a stylistic point of view, Waléry and Count Ostoróg could very well have been one and the same person (cf. Jürg H. Meyer, Wer war Walery?). Quoted from source. | src Jeschke · Van Vliet

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