Who is Musidora?

Photographie publicitaire de Musidora revêtue de son collant noir devenu iconique grâce au film Les Vampires de Louis Feuillade, ca. 1915 | Musidora, qui êtes-vous?
Who is Souricette? Musidora with her dog, Lacsalé. French cigarette card by Cigarettes Le Nil, nº 38. Photo by Henri Manuel | src Truus, Bob and Jan on Flickr

In this cigarette card […] she is dressed in her famous costume from Les vampires. It’s a typical outfit worn by the thieves operating in hotels. […] In French, those thieves are called ‘souris d’hôtel’. ‘Souricette’ being a kind of diminutive form of ‘souris’, maybe that’s where the publishers got their idea.” Quoted from Flickr

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