Women and Roses, 1900s-1910s

Emma Barton (Mrs. G.A. Barton) :: The Gardener’s Daughter, before or on 1911. (DETAIL)

Far up the porch there grew an Eastern rose,
Gown’d in pure white, that fitted to the shape,
Holding the bush, to fix it back, she stood,
A single steam of all her soft brown hair
Poured on one side. (Tennyson)

Emma Barton (Mrs. G.A. Barton) :: The Gardener’s Daughter. Published in The Amateur Photographer & Photographic News, vol. LIV, 1398, p. 66 (1911). From The Royal Photographic Society’s Annual Exhibition. | src Musée Nicéphore Niépce
Emma Barton (née Rayson) :: The Soul of the Rose, ca. 1905. Carbon print. The Royal Photographic Society at Science & Media Museum, now V&A

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