Gieb acht, mein lieber Jägermann

Gerhard Riebicke :: Gieb acht, mein lieber Jägermann, 13-10-1934.
Caption reads: “Be careful, my dear Jägersmann (Hunter man),
That woman can hurt you badly
Her arrow bears embers and fire!”

Riebicke was a sports photographer from Berlin known especially from the nudes from the film “Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit” (1925). In 1940 large parts of his archives were destroyed during a bombing. Vintage Riebicke prints have become very rare. He was the most important sport, dance and nudism (FKK – Freikorperkultur) photographer in Germany between 1925 and 1935. His images were widely printed in Germany as well internationally in magazines, newspapers and books. | src anamorfose (broken link)

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