Butterflies in stereo-view 1870s

Kilburn Brothers, No. 89. Moths and Butterflies; no date (half of stereo-card) | courtesy Alan Griffiths : Luminous-Lint (LL/37775-6)
Right side of stereographic card nº 89 (Kilburn Brothers)

The Kilburn Brothers

A partnership between Benjamin West Kilburn and his brother Edward Kilburn of Littleton, New Hampshire (USA). One of the most significant of the American photographers and publishers of stereo cards in the nineteenth century. In 1879 they patented the “warped” or “curved” stereocard which enhanced the 3D effect. In 1908 James M, Davis obtained the Kilburn negatives and later resold them to Keystone. / quoted from Luminous-lint

Kilburn Brothers :: No. 89. Moths and Butterflies; n.d. Stereoview, hand-painted 
Private collection of Michael McEachern. Courtesy Alan Griffiths / Luminous-lint

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