Dream nº7: Who is this?

Grete Stern :: Dream nº 7: Who Will She Be? – Who Is This? 1949 | src MoMA and Museum Folkwang

This is photomontage number 7 of the series “Dreams”, which Grete Stern made as illustrations for the section: Psychoanalysis will help you for the Buenos Aires magazine “Idilio”, which invited readers to send their dreams with the promise of interpreting them. Grete Stern, as the illustrator, made the visual interpretations of one hundred and forty dreams between October 26, 1948 and July 24, 1951. Combining humor and surrealism, Stern manages to convey powerful messages that denounce the female situation in society at the time , through photomontages that the magazine presented under names such as dreams of imprisonment, dreams of confinement, dreams of silence, dreams of rebirths, dreams of the body, dreams of inescapable elections, dreams of splitting, dreams of identity, dreams of triumph and domination or dreams of inhibitions, among others.

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