Sisters Bronia and Tylia Perlmutter

Sisters Bronia (left) and Tylia Perlmutter, 1922 | Scanned from Billy Klüver and Julie Martin’s Kiki’s Paris | src blogspot

“Bronia, the younger sister, demurely averts her eyes while elder sister Tylia stares almost insolently at the camera, holding a boudoir doll in her hand. […] The sisters were Polish Jews raised in the Netherlands who came to Paris in 1922 when Tylia was 18 and Bronia 16. They both found work modelling for various artists in Montparnasse. Bronia was particularly popular with Nils Dardel, Foujita, and Moïse Kisling (she would often act as hostess for Kisling at luncheons he hosted). She also modelled clothes for designers Paul Poiret and Nicole Grolt.” Quoted from source: tales of a mad cap heiress 

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