Bauhauslers, ca. 1929

Erich Krause :: Four intertwined people [Bauhauslers on the terrace of the Bauhaus canteen with Hermann “Sven” Gautel (top) and Hin Bredendieck (bottom)], ca. 1929. | src Bauhaus Dessau
Untitled (Portrait of Elsa Franke and Gerhard Kadow at the Bauhaus Dessau), 1929. | src Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau

Carina Ari with two dancers, 1921

Dancer Carina Ari with two colleagues from the Swedish Ballet in the spring sun in front of (or actually under) four of the Swedish Ballet’s huge posters. The photo was probably taken during the company’s first tour in Spain in 1921. In the background are several of the Swedish Ballet’s color posters, drawn by Pierre Mourgue, Orsi and Eldsten. • src Dansmuseet’s Instagram
Various posters for the Svenska Baletten (Ballets Suédois), ca. 1920. | src Dansmuseet

Stella Kadmon, beach of Tel Aviv

Stella Kadmon on the beach of Tel Aviv, ca. 1940s © Theatermuseum Wien. Stella Kadmon was an enthusiastic pioneer of the cabaret stages in Vienna. At the age of 29 she founded Vienna’s first literary and political cabaret, “Lieber Augustin” in the cellar of Café Prückl. On March 9, 1938, the last performance at “Lieber Augustin” took place. Due to persecution and war, the troupe was scattered to the four winds, and not everyone survived. [read more] | src Jüdisches Museum Wien