Es leuchten die Sterne, 1938

Atelier Schneider :: La Jana. German postcard by Ross Verlag, nº A 1910/2, 1937-1938. Tobis. Publicity still for Es leuchten die Sterne -The Stars Shine (Hans H. Zerlett, 1938). | src Flickr

La Jana in Stern von Rio, 1940

La Jana as Concha in Stern von Rio / Star of Rio (Karl Anton, 1940). German postcard by Ross Verlag, nº A 2504/1, 1939-1940. Photo: Tobis. | src Truus, Bob & Jan on Flickr

‘Josephs Legende’, 1922

Franz Xaver Setzer :: ‘Josephslegende’ by Richard Strauss. Dancers of the Vienna State Opera. Standing f.l.t.r.: Riki Raab; Anna Horvath and Hilde Steinlein. Front f.l.t.r.: Maria Mindszenty; Tilly Losch and Hedy Pfundmayr. Vienna, 1922. (Archiv Setzer-Tschiedel) | src and hi-res Getty Images

Dancer Thea von Ujj , ca. 1925

Max Pollak :: Thea von Ujj , ca. 1925. Color aquatint with etching. |src Annex Gallery
«While in Vienna Max Pollak became involved in the avant-garde dance scene. He did a series of intaglio portraits of dancers, usually costumed and posed, from one of their noted performances. He is sometimes credited with being ‘the first etcher to turn his attention to the dance as a subject‘.»

Carmel Myers, 1923

Nickolas Muray :: Carmel Myers, 1923. Published in Photoplay Magazine, May 1923 issue. Caption reads:
‘It is a matter of screen history that Carmel Myers made her film debut in a tiny role of D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance. Once since she ran away to play in musical comedy. Now, however, she is safely back on the silversheet again.’ | src The Museum of Modern Art Library at Internet Archive