From Hannah Höch’s Album page (scrapbook), 1933. 

left: Dancer Gret Palucca, ca. 1925. ph, by Charlotte Rudolph.

right: “Stabhochsprung” Athete high jumping (pole vault) and “Starke Geste im modernen Ausdrucktanz (Die Wigmanschülerin Vera Skoronel)”. Expressionist dancer (Wigman student, Vera Skoronel) ph. by Suse Byk. | src Female artists

Edward Steichen :: Thérèse Duncan, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan, on the Acropolis, Athens, 1921. From Edward Steichen: Lives in Photography, by Todd Brandow and William A. Ewing, Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, and the Musee de l’Elysee, Lausanne, 2007. / src: pinterest, original src, thanks to reality asylum

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