Merkelbach’s advertising photo

Jacob Merkelbach :: Advertising photo, for Merkelbach’s studio, with dancer Angèle Sydow, 1916. The letters of Merkelbach’s studio have been thickened with ink and made more visible. [Reclamefoto, voor het atelier van Merkelbach, met danseres Angèle Sydow (of Sijdow), 1916. De letters van het atelier van Merkelbach zijn met inkt extra aangedikt en beter zichtbaar gemaakt.] | src Rijksmuseum

Madam Satan waltz, 1930

Kay Johnson and Reginald Denny photographed by Manatt. Special photography for Cecil B. DeMille’s bizarre musical comedy, Madam Satan. The paper caption on reverse describes the image as Kay Johnson and Reginald Denny performing the Madam Satan waltz, aboard the Zeppelin. The photo attempts to create a more fantasy intense mood for the film since it was actually a very light comedy about an attempt by a wife, donning a disguise, to re-seduce her husband into submission. | src Heritage Auctions | view related post, here

Anna Sten, ca. 1932

Ruth Harriet Louise :: Russian (sic) actress Anna Sten, ca. 1932. Press snipe on verso reads: “Anna Sten, young emotional actress trained in Soviet stage and screen institutions, is being groomed to play opposite Ronald Colman. Producer Samuel Goldwyn is laying elaborate plans to make Miss Sten’s screen debut an event sensational enough to be a worthy successor to her German triumphs in ‘The Brothers Karamozov’ and ‘Tempest’, and the Russian ‘The Yellow Ticket’ and ‘Moscow Laughs and Cries’.” | src WorthPoint