Die Tänzerin R. R., 1926

Atelier d’Ora – Benda :: Die Tänzerin R. R. (stehender weiblicher Akt), 1926. | src MK&G
originally posted on and censored by tumblr, bet they will ‘perpetrate’ it again and again

Actress Madge Kennedy, 1923

Edward Jean Steichen :: Actress Madge Kennedy, seated holding a fan, wearing a sleeveless robe style dress with a very large skirt, and a looped pearl necklace. Vanity Fair, 1923. | src and hi-res Getty Images

Cora Laparcerie in «Le Minaret»

French comedian Cora Laparcerie as Myriem (costume by Paul Poiret) in the play “Le Minaret” by Jacques Richepin in Paris. Published in French paper “Le Théâtre”, May 1913 (Photo by Apic. Uncredited photographer.) | src and hi-res Getty Images