Mary Wigman company, 1930

Dancer, dance teacher and choreographer Mary Wigman (born Marie Wiegmann) with her company in Albert Talhoff’s dance piece ‘Totenmahl’ (Funeral Feast) in Munich, 1930. Photo by Ullstein Bild. | src and hi-res Getty Images

Loïs Hutton in costume

Loïs Hutton in ‘a costume… designed by Picasso, or just like it’ © MMMI. From Rhythm & Colour. Hélène Vanel, Loïs Hutton & Margaret Morris. Richard Emerson. Published by Golden Hare, Edinburgh, 2018. | src TankMag

Marion Morehouse hiding, 1926

Edward Jean Steichen :: Marion Morehouse, tip-toeing near a tree with an unidentified man lurking behind the tree, wearing a two-piece dress in white crepe and a jacket with white wool embroidery by Tappe. Both are wearing masks by W.T. Benda. Vogue magazine, 1926. | src and hi-res Getty Images