Rigmor Rasmussen (Uhu · 1926)

Madame d’Ora :: Die dänische Tänzerin Rigmor Rasmussen. Uhu Magazin, Januar 1926, Band 2, Heft 1.

Tsuguharu Foujita posing, 1926

Atelier Madame d’Ora :: Japanese artist, painter and printmaker Tsuguharu Foujita posing, ca. 1926. Published in Berliner Zeitung 1926. Photographer: d’Ora Paris (Dora Kallmus) | src Getty Images

Mileva Roller, um 1910

Atelier d’Ora :: Austrian artist Mileva Roller (Mileva Stojsavljevic), wife of Alfred Roller, ca. 1910. [Mileva Roller, Ehefrau von Alfred Roller, um 1910]. | src Getty Images

Yvonne Valée, 1926

Madame d’Ora :: Portrait of Parisian stage star and winner of the “Most Beautiful Hands” award in 1926, Yvonne Valee (1926). Snipe, agency stamp, date stamp and notations on verso. | src worthpoint

Stella Kadmon als “Lulu”

Atelier d’Ora – Benda :: Stella Kadmon als “Lulu”, 1922. | src Theatermuseum Wien

Merry Christmas!

Madame d’Ora :: Anna Pavlova, in costume for the solo “Christmas”, before 1929. | src State Library of New South Wales