Wearing an Egyptian Costume

George Rinhart :: Miss Afton McWilliams, member of the New York Art Colony, who has gained fame with her paintings of Hollywood movie stars, and creations in dance costumes, is shown in an Egyptian costume of her own design. (original caption) | src Getty Images

Nyota Inyoka, ca. 1915

Nyota Inyoka (1896-1971), Cambodian dancer, in stage costume, ca. 1915. (Photo by Photo12/Universal Images Group) | src Getty Images

Queen of the Night, 1939

German soprano Erna Berger (1900-1990) as ‘Queen of the Night’ in Wolgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera ‘The Magic Flute’ (‘Die Zauberflüte’), Berlin, 1939. (Photo by Ullstein Bild). | src Getty Images

De fåvitska jungfrurna, 1920s

On Christmas Day 1920, the newly started performing arts company Svenska Baletten was visiting London and the classic Christmas song was included in the music for the ballet De fåvitska jungfrurna. The ballet is based on the biblical story of the wise and unwise (ignorant) virgins. The ignorant maidens became a real audience favorite and was danced 375 times. Photo: Isabey, Paris. | src and more info at Dansmuseet on IG

Der König rief seinen Tambour

Karl Schenker :: E. Awach in the cabaret “Der König rief seinen Tambour” (The King Called His Tambour Player), a performance by the Yushny Theater in Berlin. Published in ‘Die Dame’ 15/1922 + ‘A.V.’ 19/22. (Photo by Karl Schenker) | src Getty Images

Margo Lion as Nefertiti, 1930

Margo Lion, Cabaret artist, Chansonniere, Actress (1899-1989). Portrait in the role of Nefertiti in the revue ‘Quick’ by Nelson. Music by: Friedrich Hollaender. Text: Marcellus Schiffer, ca. 1930. Photographer: Mundphoto, F. Grimm. Published in ‘Berliner Morgenpost’; 20-09-1930 | src Getty Images

Nyota Inyoka in her sacred dance

The Indian dancer Nyota Inyoka in her sacred dance, Theater des Champs Elysées, Paris, France, 1926. [Original: De Indische danseres Nyota Inoka die tallozen in geestdrift brengt met haar heilige dans, Theater des Champs Elysées te Parijs, Frankrijk, 1926.] | src Het GeheugenFotocollectie Het Leven