Clara Bow’s Halloween, 1929

Portrait of Clara Bow, October 14, 1929. Original Caption: Clara Bow, celebrated movie star as she looks in costume holding a Halloween pumpkin. Miss Bow sure makes a pretty picture, in this outfit, and one that most anybody would be pleased to see on Halloween. (Photo © Bettmann Corbis) | src Getty Images

The night of spooks and witches

George Rinhart :: Two People Wearing Halloween Costumes, October 29, 1923, Original Caption: Tis the night of spooks and witches, tis Halloween…And they will be at every party, offering plenty of merriment and creepy feelings on the night they duck for apples, light the pumpkin shells and celebrate Halloween. (Photo © Corbis) | src Getty Images

Children Carving Pumpkin, 1930

George Rinhart :: Children Carving Pumpkin with NYC Backdrop, 1930. Original Caption: James N. Leslie, Jr., cuts a Halloween pumpkin while Juanita Geelan looks on. In the distance is the famous New York City skyline. (Photo © Corbis) | src Getty Images