Fieret’s studies of women

Gerard Fieret :: Nude torso [Naakt torso], The Hague, ca. 1965. | src Rijksmuseum
Gerard Fieret :: Sitting nude with headband and high heels, seen from behind. Two copyright stamps and a signature are part of the image. The photo is pasted in passe-partout [Naakt zittend met haarband en pumps, op de rug gezien. Twee copyright stempels en een groot signatuur maken deel uit van het beeld. De foto is in passe-partout geplakt.], 1960 – 1980. | src Rijksmuseum
Gerard Fieret :: Studies of Women [Studies van vrouwen], The Hague, ca. 1965. | src Rijksmuseum
Gerard Fieret was an eccentric poet, painter and photographer who lived in The Hague. Between 1965 and 1975 he took hundreds of photos, mainly studies of women. Later, Fieret wandered the streets, fed the pigeons each day and kept his work in the freezer. His prints are creased and the edges frayed, with the occasional trace of pigeon droppings. On each photo, he signed his name in felt-tip pen and also furnished them with copyright stamps.

Damenportrait mit Hut, 1922

Atelier d’Ora ~ Benda :: Damenporträt mit schwarzem Hut, 1922. | src MK&G (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe)

Nude in the morning sunlight, ca. 1920

Heinrich Kühn :: Nude in the morning sunlight, ca. 1920. Multiple oil transfer print on heavy Japan paper, printed probably 1940s. | src Lempertz

Nina Vassilyeva, 1923

Alexander Grinberg :: Nina Vassilyeva from Vera Maya’s Studio, 1923. Bromoil with transfer. Private collection. | src Russian photographic Avant-Garde of the 1920s and 1930s