Kay Johnson as Madam Satan, 1930

Kay Johnson (Angela Brooks) wearing a ball gown designed by Adrien in Madam Satan (Cecil B. DeMille, 1930). Photographed by George Hurrell. | src twitter


Constance Bennett, 1935, photo by George Hurrell

“One of a trio of sisters who first brightened movie screens during the tail end of the silent era, Constance Bennett was considered to be the most beautiful of the Bennett siblings. The eldest of the girls, Constance was followed by Barbara, who had the shortest career, and Joan, who was the most successful, but she was the first to really make her mark in Hollywood… While not among the most gifted actresses of her generation, Bennett was an able comedienne and more than competent when it came to the sort of dramatic plotlines she was assigned. Additionally, she was simply stunning to look at with her trademark slim figure and eye-catching blonde pageboy… Although sibling Joan ultimately had the longer and brighter career, Constance Bennett made the most of her time in the upper echelon of Hollywood and still impressed viewers decades later with her seemingly effortless beauty and sophistication.“  – John Charles, TCM