Lifar by Hoyningen-Huene, 1930

George Hoyningen-Huene (Russian, 1900-1968) :: Serge Lifar, 1930. Vogue magazine.
George Hoyningen-Huene (Russian, 1900-1968) :: Serge Lifar; Vogue ; Paris (1930) Heritage Auctions
George Hoyningen-Huene (Russian, 1900-1968) :: Serge Lifar, 1930. Vogue magazine.

Sipprell by Sipprell, 1900-1970

Francis J. Sipprell (1878-1958) :: Portrait of Clara E. Sipprell, ca. 1910. Platinum print. Burchfield Penney Art Center. | src l’œil de la photographie (broken link; linked to l’œil homepage)
Francis J. Sipprell (1878-1958) :: Clara E. Sipprell (1885-1975), ca. 1910. Platinum print. | src Burchfield Penney Art Center
Clara Sipprell :: [Fragment of portrait of Clara Sipprell], ca. 1900. Gelatin silver print. Clara E. Sipprell Collection. There is no mention on source whether this photograph was taken by Clara or Francis. | src Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Clara Sipprell :: Lucy Sipprell, ca. 1913. Platinum print. Scan from color transparency. | src Smithsonian American Art Museum
Allen Sipprell (1919-1998) :: Portrait of Clara E. Sipprell, ca. 1970. Gelatin silver print. | src Burchfield Penney Art Center

Clara E. Sipprell was one of America’s most important pictorial photographers of the early 20th century. Born in Canada, she moved to Buffalo, New York after her oldest brother Francis opened a photography studio. She worked part-time as an apprentice, but eventually dropped out of school to work full-time at his studio, where she learned all different types of photographic techniques. She partnered with him in 1905, and after working together for ten years and having many successful shows, she opened a studio in New York City and eventually traveled all over the world.

Clara E. Sipprell’s use of a soft-focus lens and her reliance upon entirely natural light gave her photographs an atmospheric effect and moody romanticism. She was a successful portraitist, photographing such notable people as Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert Frost, and Albert Einstein. However, she did not confine herself to that genre. Her landscapes, cityscapes, and still-life subjects were exhibited in national and international salons, galleries, and museums. There are over 1,000 photographs by Sipprell in the Amon Carter Museum collection, a gift from The Dorothea Leonhardt Fund of the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.  The (then) Burchfield Art Center presented a solo exhibition of her work in 1991.

quoted from Burchfield Penney Art Center

Olympic Swimmer, 1920

Francis Scott Clark :: Olympic Swimmer Frances Cowells Schroth, silver print, 1920. | src Swann Galleries, Sale 2426, Lot 331
Frances C. Schroth, 7/28/1920. Glass negative. Bain News Service (publisher). | src George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress)

Birgit Åkesson role-portraits

Birgit Åkesson, foto: Jan de Meyere 1934. | src Dansmuseet IG
Birgit Akesson, foto: Charlotte Rudolph, Dresden. | src Dansmuseet on IG
Birgit Åkesson, foto: Charlotte Rudolph, Dresden. | src Dansmuseet IG

Ray Sisters, ca. 1925

Studio G. et L. Manuel frères :: Ray Sisters. Danseuses de Music Hall, ca. 1925. Deux tirages argentiques d’époque sur papier cartoline, cachet du studio au dos. | src Photographies pour Tous

Joan in Red Riding Hood, 1907

John Cimon Warburg :: ‘Joan in Red Riding Hood Cape with Basket’, autochrome, 6 November 1907. | src V&A Museum
Photograph of a near full length potrait of Warburg’s daughter Joan dressed in a Red Riding Hood cape. She stands beside a bush of white daisies. Warburg has annotated the plate with details regarding how the photograph was made.
John Cimon Warburg :: ‘Peggy by the Orange Tree’, Autochrome, 1909. | src V&A Museum