Colette, Vanity Fair, 1935

Edward Jean Steichen :: French writer Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette), in a tweed coat and black polka dot dress, seated with both elbows on an arm chair, next to a glass-topped table set with a vase with flowers. Vanity Fair, 1935. | src Getty Images

Actress Elisabeth Bergner, 1935

Edward J. Steichen :: Actress Elisabeth Bergner in a dark wool knit cardigan, white shirt and black pants, seated in profile on the floor, holding her knees to her chest, in the play Escape Me Never. Vanity Fair, 1935. | src and hi-res Getty Images

Shoes by Delman, 1925

Edward Jean Steichen :: Close-up of the feet of an unidentified model in high heels (designed by Delman), with brocade on the toes and rhinestone side buckles, October 1925. | src and hi-res Getty Images

Cover design, Camera Work, 1905

Edward J. Steichen :: Cover Design, from Camera Work, Volume 14, 1905. Colored halftone photograph. | src Saint Louis Art Museum ~ SLAM | related post

Marion Morehouse hiding, 1926

Edward Jean Steichen :: Marion Morehouse, tip-toeing near a tree with an unidentified man lurking behind the tree, wearing a two-piece dress in white crepe and a jacket with white wool embroidery by Tappe. Both are wearing masks by W.T. Benda. Vogue magazine, 1926. | src and hi-res Getty Images