Why are people dancing?

Marion Herrmann :: Tanzgruppe Marion Herrmann. Warum tanzen die Menschen? Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 2.
Arnold Genthe :: Aus Mary Wigmans Totentanz. Gestaltung durch künstlerischen Tanz [Mary Wigman’s Dance of Death]. Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 2
Marion Herrmann :: Tänze Marion Herrmanns zu Paul Hindemiths Mechanischer Orgel [Dances by Marion Herrmann to Paul Hindemith’s mechanical organ]. Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 2.

Dancers at Trümpy dance school

Alfred Eisenstaedt :: Costumed dancers at Truempy Dance School looking at themselves in studio mirror, Berlin, 1930, for Life Magazine. | src Google Arts & Culture
Alfred Eisenstaedt :: Dancers at Truempy Dance School, Berlin, 1930-1931. | src Google Arts & Culture
Alfred Eisenstaedt :: First lesson at Truempy dance school, Berlin, 1930, printed in 1995. | src Sotheby’s

Dancing the “Lindbergh Hop”

George Rinhart :: “These pretty girls from the Honeymoon Lane Company introduce the latest dance step, called the Lindbergh Hop, in honor of Captain Charles A. Lindbergh of New York to Paris nonstop flight fame. The girls are, left to right, Marjorie Joesting, Dorothy Proudlock, Emerita Monsch, and Anita Foy.” (original caption) | src Getty Images

Marche Fúnebre, 1921

A moment from the dance Marche Fúnebre (Moscow, 1921), choreographed by Kasjan Goleizovsky, music by Nikolai Medtner, photograph by Daniil Demutsky. Depicted: K. Kuznetsova, Tat’iana Miroslavskaia, and L. Gai. From: Nicoletta Misler: The Russian Art of Movement 1920-1930, page 211. | src Karl Toepfer

‘Der Idiot’, 1952

Siegfried Enkelmann :: ‘Der Idiot’, 1952. Dancers Wiet Pilar and Harald Horn from the Berlin Ballet performing a scene from „The Idiot“, a ballet based on Dostoyevsky’s novel. Print annotated in pencil (on verso) | src eBay