Dance Study with Mask II, 1923

Germaine Krull (1897–1985) :: Dance Study with Mask II, Berlin 1923. Annotated in pencil on the reverse: ‘SPUK, 1923’. From the series Spuk with dancer Berthe Krull (Germaine Krull sister). | src liveautioneers

Ellinor Bahrdt, ca. 1928

Atelier Robertson (1927–1933) :: Dancer Ellinor Bahrdt. From a group of four dance studies (Niddy Impekoven, Ellinor Bahrdt, Trude Engelhart, Ira Langenteels), ca. 1928. Each with the photographer’s studio stamp and handwritten annotations in pencil on the reverse. | src Ostlicht (Westlich) Photo Auction nº 14 (June, 2016) | hi-res here

A. Rumnev, 1920s

Hess Studio, Frankfurt :: A. Rumnev. Plastic study, 1923. Original print. Signed and dated on mount: “Hess, Frankfurt 1923”. Choreography by L. Lukin. Tournée of the Moscow Chamber Theatre, 1923. The reverse of an analogous print in the Lukin archive at GTsTMB carries the inscription: “To dear Lev Lukin with faith in his inimitable talent, 1923, A. Rumnev”. RGALI [Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv literatury i iskusstva (Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, Moscow)]
source Nicoletta Misler’s The Russian Art of Movement 1920-1930
Otton Engel’s :: A. Rumnev in one of L. Lukin’s choreographies, 1923. Pencil on paper. Inscribed and dated: “Chamber Theatre, Thursday, 7.30, 12/VI/1923”. Catalogue of the first “Art of Movement” exhibition, 1925, Nº 197. OE (Otton Engel’s repository, Moscow. Formerly in the collection of Irina Malakhova.) | src Nicoletta Misler’s The Russian Art of Movement 1920-1930