‘Josephs Legende’, 1922

Franz Xaver Setzer :: ‘Josephslegende’ by Richard Strauss. Dancers of the Vienna State Opera. Standing f.l.t.r.: Riki Raab; Anna Horvath and Hilde Steinlein. Front f.l.t.r.: Maria Mindszenty; Tilly Losch and Hedy Pfundmayr. Vienna, 1922. (Archiv Setzer-Tschiedel) | src and hi-res Getty Images

Alice Jürna also Alice Jyrna

Alice Jürna was born in Tallinn but obtained her dance education with Mary Wigman in Dresden, and performed in 1924-25 in Wigman’s productions Szenen aus einem Tanzdrama, Bann and Ein Tanzmärchen. In 1925-26, Alice Jürna worked in a theatre in Gera under Wigman’s disciple Yvonne Georgi. Then Jürna launched a solo career, and in February 1927 gave concerts in Estonia. | src Estonian Theater and Music Museum ~ Dancing Free online exhibition