An alleged photo of the Bronte sisters (from left to right: Charlotte, Emily, Anne), 1940′s

is a collodion photo with ‘The Bronte Sisters’ written in French on the
reverse, however this type of photograph on glass was only invented
in the early 1850′s, after the death of Emily (1848) and Anne (1849).
The researcher believes that this is a copy of an earlier 1840′s photo (a
daguerreotype). Sit back from the screen and you may
notice that the photo is on a slight slant and has the appearance of
having been cropped. This is how daguerreotypes were copied, at an angle
to avoid reflections
and centered to avoid marks at the edges of the original photo.” (quoted from original source)

thanks to apotigma for sending me this wonderful image


/ original source: theBronteSisters