C.L. Andrews, 1900-1910

Unknown photographer. Two men on top of Eagle Bluff in Eagle, Alaska. One man identified as C.L. Andrews stands with his head covered by a camera cloth (camera mounted on a tripod), 1900-1910. | src | src C. L. Andrews photographs, 1880s-1948 ~ University of Oregon ~ Oregon Digital Libraries

Snowman at Summit, 1902

Clarence Leroy Andrews :: The Father of the Glaciers (Snowman at Summit, 1902. Waggoner, Muir and Howe, written on low margin), Muir Glacier, Alaska, 1902. | src University of Oregon Digital Libraries
Description: Silhouettes of three men in hats and a child in snow-filled landscape standing in front of a monumental snowman sculpture made with carved ice. The snowman is approximately four times the size of a man.