María Barrientos in «Carmen»

Adolf Mas i Ginestà 1860-1936 (Estudi de fotografia A. Mas, Arxiu Mas) :: Maria Barrientos caracteritzada per a Carmen, ca. 1913-1915. Signed 1915. © MAE-Institut del Teatre. Exposició «Els ulls de Barcelona». KBr Fundación MAPFRE. | src l’œil de la photographie

Erika Mann as Elisabeth, 1929

Grete Vester :: Erika Mann as Elisabeth in Schiller’s Don Carlos, Munich, 1929. Foto: Grete Vester. | src Münchner Stadtbibliothek – Monacensia via N & N Magazine
The Picture was taken before the journalistic campaign carried out by the National Socialist press organs against Erika Mann [in response to her participation in the pacifist women’s associations rally that took place in the hall of the Münchner Hotel Union on the evening of 13th January 1932] put an end to her career in Germany. This discrediting press campaign launched over the next days after the demonstration denounced the organizers as “a club of contenders for the lunatic asylum” and “pacifist peace hyenas”.
(quoted from Künste im Exil · Arts in Exile)
Grete Vester :: Erika Mann (1905 – 1969) as Elisabeth in Schiller’s Don Carlos, Munich, 1929. Foto: Grete Vester. © Münchner Stadtbibliothek – Monacensia. | src Erika Mann: Cabaret artist – war correspondent – political speaker exhibition by the Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus

Microbe Monster, 1932

Sasha (Alexander Stewart) :: English actor Ernest Thesiger (1879 – 1961) in his role as the microbe monster in the play ‘Too True to Be Good’ by George Bernard Shaw, 18th July 1932. | src Hulton Archive – Getty Images

“We are spirits of another sort”

Victor Jory as Oberon: “We are spirits of another sort.” (III.ii.388)
Oberon, King of the Fairies, rules the Fairy Kingdom. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Warner Brothers, 1935), directed by William Dieterle and Max Reinhardt. Photographer: Hans Fred Konekamp. Still photographer: Mickey Marigold. | src Cleveland State University

Bajaja Ballet, 1916

Karel Váňa :: Arnoštka Coufalová (as Fatmé) in Bajaja Ballet, 1916 (Choreographed by Augustin Berger, according to the model of Jindřich Kaan from Albeşti). | src Prague National Theatre