Valeska Gert by Mammen / Kainer

Valeska Gert, gemalt von Jeanne Mammen; 1928-1929 © Berlinische Galerie. | src
Ludwig Kainer :: Valeska Gert. Groteske Tänze. Plakat. 1917. Das Plakat, Mai-Juli 1918

Dialogues 2015-1910s (?)

Ronit Porat :: Untitled Kinesphere (Valeska Gert) | Tmuna Theater Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2015 | src Flickr
Valeska Gert [Berühmte Tänzerinnen (Famous Dancers) # 98] Phot. Atlantic | src Flickr

Valeska Gert, Tempo, 1927

Suse Byk :: Valeska Gert in ihrem Tanz “Kanaille” [in her dance Canaille]. Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 2. | src Flickr
Erna Lendvai-Dircksen :: Valeska Gert in einem ihrer Grotesktänze. Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 1. | src Flickr
Erna Lendvai-Dircksen :: Tanzbeginn [Beginning of the Dance]. Valeska Gert. Tempo Magazin, 1927, Heft 2. | src Flickr

Stella Kadmon, beach of Tel Aviv

Stella Kadmon on the beach of Tel Aviv, ca. 1940s © Theatermuseum Wien. Stella Kadmon was an enthusiastic pioneer of the cabaret stages in Vienna. At the age of 29 she founded Vienna’s first literary and political cabaret, “Lieber Augustin” in the cellar of Café Prückl. On March 9, 1938, the last performance at “Lieber Augustin” took place. Due to persecution and war, the troupe was scattered to the four winds, and not everyone survived. [read more] | src Jüdisches Museum Wien

Cabaret artist Marion Forde, 1925

Marion Forde, from the Forde sisters, Cabaret artist from the USA, posing half naked for Reville fashion house. Photographer: Reville. Published in ‘Querschnitt’ 9/1925. | src Getty Images

Trude Hesterberg in Wilde Bühne

Frieda G. Riess :: Actress and singer Trude Hesterberg (1892-1967). Portrait in the cabaret ‘Wilde Bühne’, dressed in a long dress, 1922. | src Getty Images